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752 Miles on a Single Charge
Viral Media Stunt

Sr. Creative Director

We launched Our Next Energy in late 2021 and had a small problem: no one had heard of us, aside from a little bit of industry news. We needed customers and we needed more investment.

So we decided  to grab attention by doing something never done before: travel over 700 miles on a single charge. 

We hacked a Tesla Model S and installed our battery tech, put it on the road and captured the entire thing. The range run delivered 752 miles on a single charge -- a record.

From there we built a viral media campaign and launched the stunt at CES 2022. The next thing we knew, we were trending on Reddit, Tiktok, andbeing talked about by the entire EV industry, thanks to some great news coverage by Car and Driver and a few others.

The result: The 752 mile range run permeated tech and auto culture, making global news and going viral across the internet. The stunt changed the conversation around range, proving our stance and assembling an army of supporters.

You can read about the media impact in the case study below

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