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TITLE: They Tried to Bury Us!

FORMAT: 4K Feature Documentary

CREDITS: Writer, Producer, Director

DESCRIPTION: Euskara, a language outlawed for 40 years in Spain, is saved by a music revolution to reclaim

the ancient culture.

TITLE: Journey to Space 3D

FORMAT: 15/70 Film, Digital 4K, 2K, 3D, IMAX 3D

CREDITS: Associate Producer, Assistant Editor

DESCRIPTION: Large Format documentary, distrubuted in theaters and museum world-wide.

TITLE: Aircraft Carrier

FORMAT: 15/70 IMAX 3D Film

CREDITS: Camera Operator, DIT

DESCRIPTION: Find yourself aboard the carrier alongside the 5,000 highly skilled sea and air personnel conducting flight operations in the midst of the simulated war exercises taking place there. Rarely has there been a topic so visually suited and compelling for IMAX® and other giant screen theaters.

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