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Credit: Director and Producer

Euskara, an ancient language outlawed for 40 years in Spain, is saved by a youth revolution. Meet censored Basque musicians and the underground punk scene that is reshaping a polarized country.

For many around the world, punk rock represents rebellion. But for the Basque youth, it stands for something far greater. It stands for their right to exist as a culture and as an independent nation. In this verite-driven film, we follow up-and-coming punk band, Nina Coyote eta Chico Tornado, a fiery couple on and off stage. 

Their relationship drives the narrative as we learn of the Basque Country's history of war, dictatorship, and sectarian violence. We hear our characters speaking their native language, Euskara, which was illegal to speak until 1975, and is only now flourishing after a focused effort by the youth of the country. 

This documentary will shine a light on a cultural revolution unknown to most Americans, and dig into the underground Basque Okupazio movement. It will follow Basque musicians as they tour their homeland, playing venues called Gaztetxes (translated as ‘youth houses’). Located in every Basque town, Gaztetxes are the cultural centers for youth in the region; acting as the heart of the Okupazio movement. 

On April 8, 2017, after two generations of bombings, assassinations, and abductions, the Basque separatist army, ETA, vows to embrace peace; handing over to authorities two tons of explosives, firearms and ammunition. 

Disillusioned by the violence and extremism of past generations, a young generation is in the midst of their own cultural revolution, creating a positive force within their communities. The documentary will give a glimpse into the Basque youth’s search for identity, community and positive change for their people.


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