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Films. Brands. Campaigns.

Everything is a story.

A conversation, a pitch, or a campaign. Effective storytelling is the thread that connects you to your audience, driving them to learn more.

I am a [brand] storyteller. I’ve won awards directing feature films, crafting ad campaigns,  launching billion $ brands.

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> Our Next Energy

> Travelers Insurance

> Slim Jim

> Adidas

> Mountain Dew

> VICE Media

> Mayo Clinic

> Feature Film

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Adidas Confirmed


In 2020, Adidas launched the ultimate content platform and marketplace: Adidas Confirmed. We built a content engine to deliver tailored content to the Adidas community, promoting the Confirmed App and driving over 10 million downloads across 7 markets: Canada, Mexico, Japan, USA, UAE, China, Brazil.


This process focused on developing original content, creative and elevating existing franchises to engage their audience through entertainment, experiences and technology.


Rewriting the rules of range.


Rethink what an electric vehicle can do.

600 miles on a single charge. 


Bury Us! A Punk Rock Uprising


This film is a sonic journey through Basque punk rock and the turbulent past that defined its sound, chronicling the rise of the gaztetxe movement.

Winner, Best Director

Los Angeles Documentary Film Festival 2020


Screened internationally at over 10 film festivals.

752_miles_range_run_car_tesla4 copy-2.jpg

Case Study:
Our Next Energy

Founded in 2020, Our Next Energy (ONE) established itself as an important player in the automotive technology and renewable energy space in less than 3 years. 


In addition to breakthrough technology, our team crafted an industry-shaping transmedia narrative— told through content, news and design— breaking through the automotive category and into the cultural conversation.

Aries Grid Product Launch


In early 2023, Our Next Energy decided to move into the stationary storage arena, essentially building giant batteries to support solar farms, grid stabilization and zero-emission backup generators to decarbonize the grid. 

But there was one tiny problem: we didn't have a name, a design or any product messaging. So we set out to fix that. 

Screen Shot 2020-12-11 at 8.45.34 AM.png

Travelers Insurance


In this heart-wrenching campaign, Rachel Tso recounts the day that her three-year-old son was struck and killed by a distracted driver, right before her eyes. The distracted driving campaign came to life as a film, social campaign and comic book.


BMW-ix-Logo-Treatment 22.jpg

Since this was just the beginning of the partnership, we needed to fully design the battery platform and vehicle chassis. We went to work, designing a battery that would stand out from the crowd, but also fall in line with BMW’s identity.


After designing the product, we crafted a creative platform ‘rewriting the rules of range’, CGI animations, hero film and digital strategy, promoting the collaboration and breaking down our technology. 


The result was great: our creative was featured in Car and Driver, Motortrend, Jalopnik, Fox Business News and more.


Mtn Dew Super Bowl



Heeere's Mountain Dew Zero Sugar!  For the 2020 Super Bowl, the team at TBWA\Chiat\Day NY remade a classic — The Shining. In The Shining, Danny’s invisible friend, “Tony” talks to him through his finger. We created a miniature set and hilarity ensued.

Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 2.50.29 PM.png

A 20 FT Slim Jim!


To launch the ‘Long Boi Gang’ Slim Jim product, we created the largest Slim Jim of all time, The Longest Boi. This stunt and interactive campaign took new York City by surprise, and was featured on @subwaycreatures. 

In addition to the ‘Longest Boi’ viral stunt, I led creative and production for Slim Jim original content, helping the brand cross the 1MM follower mark on Instagram. 


TD Bank


It was the middle of the COVID era and TD Bank wanted a way to encourage their customers to shop locally and support small businesses. So we asked, what would it look like to have a masked Santa shopping at his favorite local stores in Brooklyn this year?


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Screenshot 2024-02-17 at 10.19.52 PM.png

UI / UX Design

We developed a simple design, then crafted compelling content and industrial design elements to elevate the brand into a category of one, with a focus on showcasing tangible renwable energy technology.

Screenshot 2024-02-17 at 11.44.34 AM.png

Our Offering



Company Messaging 

PR & Media Strategy

Brand Strategy

Product Positioning

Content Strategy

Data & Analytics

Creative & Design


Earned Media & PR

Brand Identity

Advertising Campaigns

UI & Web Design

Product Design

Original Content

Content Production 


Manifesto Films

Social & Digital Series

Explainer Films

CGI & Animation


Experiential & Events


752_miles_range_run_car_tesla4 copy-2.jpg

Our Next Energy


We earned $225 million in free advertising and became a $1.2 billion brand in under 2 years.


To maximize impact, we designed compelling stories and dynamic visual content to generate earned media — creating engaging, shareable, highly visible content campaigns.

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Screenshot 2024-02-17 at 11.44.34 AM.png

Brand Identity

Beginning with foundational messaging strategy, we focused Our Next Energy's brand around three pillars: range, safety and sustainability.


We then crafted our mission and values, developing a design system to elevate the brand beyond anything else in the category.

Screen Shot 2021-06-28 at 11.35.26 AM.png



Through a dynamic hybrid of cultural strategy, data, journalism and storytelling, Backslash rebranded the TBWA global agency, positioning them as experts of culture.

Backslash is credited with helping TBWA earn FastCo 2019 & 2020 Most Innovative Agency and AdWeek 2019 and 2020 A-List. 

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