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Our Next Energy


Crafting a Challenger Brand

Role: Executive Creative Director

Responsible for launching the Our Next Energy brand from scratch in 2021 — propelling the company from stealth mode to $1.2 billion company valuation in less than 2 years.  

To maximize impact, we designed stories and dynamic visual content to generate earned media — creating engaging, shareable, highly visible content campaigns.


Our most successful earned media moments became compelling cross-platform stories, viral media stunts and partnership campaigns with BMW,  Berkshire Hathaway and others. 

Watch the case study.

We seized an opportunity to become a challenger brand in the EV space, creating an industry critique as our brand’s mission, which resonated across audiences.


We used ingredient branding to position our battery technology as the solution to accelerating electric vehicle adoption, elevating the products we powered.

Building a Challenger Brand

Beginning with foundational messaging and brand strategy, we focused our company’s mission around range, safety, sustainability and localizing our supply chain.


We then crafted our tone of voice, values, and visual identity — developing a design system to elevate the brand beyond anything else in the category.

> View ONE website

> View the brand book

Brand Identity
Brand Highlights

We launched a number of successful campaigns, highlighted below. You can also learn more about my favorites:


> 752 Miles on a Single Charge

> Aries Grid Launch

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