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Abstract Geometric Structure

Rewriting the Rules of Range


BMW x Our Next Energy

Role: Creative Director, Writer, Video Director

Rethink what an electric vehicle can do. 600 miles on a single charge.


We worked with BMW to promote our partnership agreement to develop the Gemini battery for their iX SUV.


I managed the BMW relationship, crafted the press release, built the media plan and created a series of videos and social films.

The engineering program was in such early stages, we completed the battery and chassis design in CGI. We emphasized a  look that would stand out but also fall in line with BMW’s existing identity.


After designing the product, we crafted a creative platform ‘rewriting the rules of range’, CGI animations, hero film and digital strategy, promoting the collaboration and breaking down our technology. 

Designing the Battery

BMW loved the campaign so much they amplified it across all their owned channels.


In fact, in 2021 BMW crunched the data and found that the ONE brand gave their stagnant BMW brand a lift.


They then used our campaign to propel their own status as technology leaders, even using ONE and our campaign to recruit new employees on LinkedIn and other social channels.

Our Campaign, BMW's Channels
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