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Abstract Geometric Structure

A 20 FT Slim Jim!

Client: Slim Jim

Director, Creative Lead

To launch the ‘Long Boi Gang’ Slim Jim product, we created the largest Slim Jim of all time, The Longest Boi. 


This stunt and interactive campaign took new York City by surprise, and was featured on @subwaycreatures. We used the launch as a way to create content for Slim Jim's online community, the Long Boi Gang.


In addition to the ‘Longest Boi’ viral stunt, I led creative and production for Slim Jim original content, helping the brand cross the 1MM follower mark on Instagram. 


Notable projects: First ever IG paid media campaign, Longest Boi Stunt (featured on @subwaycreatures), and Memebeast (SJ x Tipsy Elves product launch).

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