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Abstract Geometric Structure

Tony's Super Bowl Watch Party


Client: Mountain Dew

Director and Editor

Heeere's Mountain Dew Zero Sugar!


​MTN Dew Zero Sugar is as good as the original, maybe even better? So for the 2020 Super Bowl, the team at TBWA\Chiat\Day NY remade a classic — The Shining.


In The Shining, Danny’s invisible friend “Tony” talks to him through his finger. So instead of getting the Super Bowl commentary from talking heads on Sunday, DewNation got theirs from a talking finger on Instagram stories.

So we built Tony a miniature version of The Shining bedroom set, complete with an axe, TV, snacks and Mtn Dew. We filmed over 30 sketches and reactions on the days leading up to the Super Bowl, allowing Mountain Dew to react to the game in real time as the game progressed. 

Tony took over Mtn Dew's Twitter and Instagram all Super Bowl Sunday, cheering, performing and heckling.

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