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Adidas Confirmed


In 2020, Adidas launched the ultimate content platform and marketplace: Adidas Confirmed. We built a content engine to deliver tailored content to the Adidas community, promoting the Confirmed App and driving over 10 million downloads across 7 markets: Canada, Mexico, Japan, USA, UAE, China, Brazil.


This process focused on developing original content, creative and elevating existing franchises to engage their audience through entertainment, experiences and technology.

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Since this was just the beginning of the partnership, we needed to fully design the battery platform and vehicle chassis. We went to work, designing a battery that would stand out from the crowd, but also fall in line with BMW’s identity.


After designing the product, we crafted a creative platform ‘rewriting the rules of range’, CGI animations, hero film and digital strategy, promoting the collaboration and breaking down our technology. 


The result was great: our creative was featured in Car and Driver, Motortrend, Jalopnik, Fox Business News and more.

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Brand Identity

Beginning with foundational messaging strategy, we focused Our Next Energy's brand around three pillars: range, safety and sustainability.


We then crafted our mission and values, developing a design system to elevate the brand beyond anything else in the category.

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UI / UX Design

We developed a simple design, then crafted compelling content and industrial design elements to elevate the brand into a category of one, with a focus on showcasing tangible renwable energy technology.


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Case Study:
Our Next Energy

Founded in 2020, Our Next Energy (ONE) established itself as an important player in the automotive technology and renewable energy space in less than 3 years. 


In addition to breakthrough technology, our team crafted an industry-shaping transmedia narrative— told through content, news and design— breaking through the automotive category and into the cultural conversation. 

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