DATE: 02.01.18

TITLE: Cinderella [Re]Imagined :60

CLIENT: Google & Chiat\Day

CREDITS: Writer, Director of Photography, Editor

DESCRIPTION: Cinderella is reimagined as a femme fatale in this noir tale; an orchestration campaign to promote Youtube at Sundance and SXSW 2018.

DATE: 01.01.18

TITLE: They Tried to Bury Us! Feature Documentary

CREDITS: Writer, Producer, Director

DESCRIPTION: Euskara, a language outlawed for 40 years in Spain, is saved by a music revolution to reclaim

the ancient culture.

DATE: 10.01.17

TITLE: Saving the Salton Sea in 360 VR

CLIENT: Google & Chiat\Day

CREDITS: Producer, Director of Photography, Editor

DESCRIPTION: Producer and director of photography for 360 Virtual Reality series for Google’s Daydream VR headset and video platform.

DATE: 6.01.17

TITLE: Pirates :60

CLIENT: TBWA Worldwide

CREDITS: Director & Editor

DESCRIPTION: Brand Identity film for TBWA Worldwide.